The Need For Water Analysis

agua-calidadWater analyses are used in residential and commercial projects. Water supplied by the local bodies or city councils are tested for purity while this is not the case with private suppliers. No official body is called upon to test water quality by private water suppliers. This has left homeowners in risk, and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to protect their water supply from harmful ingredients. Open water sources are vulnerable to all kinds of pollution, and it has to be checked for salts and bacteria on a regular basis.

There are many chemical issues like discoloration of water, lime scale, corrosion and rock formation. Using appropriate treatment chemical issues can be treated. There are more than 50EU water tests that can be conducted on water. It is important to check various parameters before validating the quality of the water. Testing for purity is economical and inevitable for the health of your family.

water-filter-lemon-600x300There are a set of parameters defined for home water supplies. The test for bacteria includes faecal and total coliforms. The chemical tests include checking for iron, nitrates, manganese content and alkalinity, pH and water hardness. There is a need for additional tests for lead, copper, arsenic and more. The water examination is conducted in the laboratory. Testing for the appropriate chemicals is important.

It is highly recommended water analysis be conducted keeping in mind the health factors. Water from private sources are untreated and could lead to deadly diseases. Water analysis has to be mandatory for all water suppliers, be it public or private. A sample of the water can be given in authorized laboratories to check for impurities and salts. There are chances that water is discolored after heavy rainfall. When you spot discoloration in the water supply, it is important to send the sample for testing immediately.

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