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Despite water conservation techniques improving by the years, drought and water scarcity is looming large. Prominent corporate establishments have taken the initiative to invest in water conservation. For instance, the pledge by Coca-Cola and coalition companies to deliver 2,000 water purification systems is an initiative to promote the idea. Water is a growing issue with the increase in population. There is hardly a person, product, organization or community untouched by water. United Nations says that water has become scarce due to the natural and man-made phenomenon.

Though there are adequate water resources across the globe for the 7 billion population, the uneven distribution is the reason for its insufficiency. Much of water is wasted in transportation and pollution. This calls for a need for water management using time-tested technologies. There is a need to drive towards water efficiency. Some of the tips to promote efficient global distribution of water are listed.

002Population rise is triggering water scarcity. The United Nations Statistics informs that 1.2 billion are suffering from water scarcity, and 1.6 billion have no access to water because of water shortage. It means these countries do not have the infrastructure to provide clean drinking water to its people. It is predicted by 2025 around 1.8 billion will be affected by water scarcity and half the world population will be affected by water scarcity. All this goes to prove that water available is the major investment when considering business expansion.

It is predicted there will be a rise in treated wastewater supply for irrigation purposes. The water scarcity issue has justified this cause. But the bad news is waste water is wasted in many high-income countries. The water treatment rate has been put at 70 percent, and it further falls to 28 percent in developing and under developed countries. The director of UNU-UIWEH, Zafar Adeel says that vast resource of water is not reclaimed properly. The municipal and industrial water waste has to be separated. The need for thinking of reusing waste water is essential as almost 95 percent of freshwater is made used for irrigation purposes. Converting waste water to drinking water is an expensive exercise and needs a highly regulated environment. It is followed by states like Nevada, Texas, Virginia and Florida.

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Simple Methods To Recycle Water

treatmentplantherzogWater is a precious commodity and with every passing day, many cities are experiencing higher water prices. The water systems are getting complicated by the day, with water crisis affecting city dwellers. The best way to get relief from this problem is to opt for recycling water. The water rates are higher in many cities. Water sewage lines are complicated and repairing them is a horrendous task. Dwellers are using twice the water since 2006, and the bills are also rising. With a drought in many states, people are finding it difficult to access clean drinking water.

Water usage has to be limited with water conservation being the top priority. Water recycling is the simple method to conserve water and cut down on water bills. Some of the simple water to preserve water is listed below.

Using a rain barrel can turn out to be the best water resource if you have the time to invest and handy in your approach. Set up a barrel below the gutter’s downspout. Water gets collected when it rains. This can be a better option when compared to the municipal water system for the gardening purpose.

42811Show bucket is another important method to save on water. It is a known secret that a lot of water is wasted before the water is heated in the shower. Next time use a bucket under the shower, and you will notice a lot of water is saved in the process.

Rain Garden uses natural water to quench the thirst of the plants. Rain gardens do not need regular watering. The water is reused for watering the plants. The water does not run off into the sewage system as in regular gardens.

Gray water system can conserve water. Gray water is not sewage water but is waste water. This is the water that does not go down the drain. Gray water is used for laundry or to wash your hands. Gray water is diverted to flush the toilet. It is a complicated process and needs regular maintenance unless plumbing setup.

Excess drinking water can be reused. Left over drinking water can be used on plants. Even unsweetened tea can be used on plants.

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Coagulants Used In Water Treatment

UltraVioletCoagulation is a well-known water treatment process and is a primary process and is done using cost effective ingredients. Some of the popularly used coagulants are listed below:
Alum or Aluminum Sulfate has commonly used coagulant in the US. It is used in combination with cationic polymers. Polyaluminum chloride needs fewer pH alterations to produce viable results, especially to reduce sludge. Ferric chloride produces better results than alum. Ferric sulfate is effective in certain types of water and is economical. Ferrous Sulfate is expensive when compared with ferric chloride, but the outcome is excellent. Sodium Aluminate is also a widely used coagulant.

Sometime cationic polymers are used in combination with iron or aluminum coagulants. Many plants widely use cationic polymers though it is expensive in while comparing on par with inorganic coagulants. The pH range is wider, and the less produced is limited. The coagulants chemicals are selected depending on the type of suspended solids that needs to be removed. The water condition and the cost incurred in removing the chemicals and improving the quality of the water.

slide1It is important to select the right coagulant to enhance the quality of the water. A pilot study on available coagulants is important to choose an effective coagulant. Once the coagulant is selected the implementation process is easy. It is important to fabricate the tools and proceed with the civil construction accordingly. The detention time is crucial to improving the success rate of the flocculation process. The equipment selection is crucial in this case.

There are many methods to remove the impurities in the water. The process of removing textile sewage color removal is a tough task. Moreover, in the reverse Osmosis plant the feed water is not uniform. Globally many methods are available, but not all use these methods. Some of the factors for selection include uniform results, technology cost, capable of upgrading and running cost must be affordable.

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