Can Closet Organizers Prevent Your Stuff from Getting Water Damage in Case of Flood?

Rain and floods can come unexpectedly. Climate change has upset weather patterns as we know them. This is why even countries or regions, which don’t experience rain or flooding suddenly find themselves in the middle of it. At the same time, once tropical areas experience dry spells and drought, causing havoc not only on agriculture and produce but also on homes and establishments.

Areas which have never been prone to or used to flooding and extreme weather patterns obviously had no need to prepare for floods. This is the reason why people were lost on what to do and had no idea on where to go when disaster struck. If this were in any other area, residents would have sandbagged specific sections in order to break the arrival of flood or rainwater. Valuables would have also been bagged and sealed and brought to the second or third levels of the house. This would keep clothes, shoes, and even furniture and rugs from getting waterlogged or damaged by the floods.

For those who experience torrential rains and flooding, it’s best to be prepared.  There’s no way to make homes rain or flood-proof, but personal belongings, appliances and furniture can be elevated and protected from water damage. Appliances like refrigerators and washing machines can be placed on top of solid stands or pedestals. This will keep water from getting into the motors should flooding occur. You can also cover them with tight-fitting plastic covers to keep as much water out of the electrical appliances.

Once the rainy season starts, you can start organising clothes inside plastic hampers to keep them from possible leaks indie the closets or cabinets. This will also make them easier to grab in case you need to evacuate or leave for higher ground when conditions get really bad.

To keep shoes out of floodwaters, you can take advantage of the best over the door shoe rack. If it’s impossible to store all of your shoes in one place, be sure to select the most fragile pairs – like those made from real leather or suede which can sustain a lot of damage when exposed to extreme weather. Obviously, sneakers and canvas or plastic shoes can be washed and cleaned thoroughly even after they are submerged in water. Leather and suede, on the other hand, can get damaged beyond repair.

These over the door shoe racks can be placed in every room as well as in the attic or mezzanine floor. Be prepared and monitor the news for unusual weather conditions. When storm or hurricane announcements are made, make sure that you pay attention and that you disseminate the information to your family and friends. A lot of residents take weather bulletins for granted. They don’t realise that families need to prepare physically and mentally for incoming storms. Food and shelter must be secured and all members of the family should stay indoors until the rains stop and the floodwaters have receded.

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