The Importance of Hydration When Working Out

drinking-water-filter-singapore-1235578_640The first thing that you need to understand is that 60% of our body is water. As you start using energy, this amount decreases. If you are close to running out of water supply in the body, it leads to dehydration. This is why it is important that you stay hydrated all the time.

It is even more applicable when you are working out. This is a very tough activity for your body. In just an hour, you will be dehydrated and it could lead to other problems and serious health issues. Therefore, before leaving the house to work out, you must not just pack your clothes and gym related stuff, but you must also have a bottle of water (or more).

According to the experts at Fitness Finest, before exercising, you need to drink water to condition your body. It serves as a battery for your body to keep your energized while working out. Of course, it will start to reduce as you work out. This is why you need to drink again while you are working out or in between work outs while you are resting.

What happens if you become dehydrated?

If your body lacks water, you will become easily tired. Before, you might be able to finish the same work out routines. Now, you might give up even before reaching half the target. You might also suffer from muscle cramps. It is very common especially if you lack water in the body. You also easily run out of breath and you will simply decide to stop working out, even if you have not reached your goals.

Water helps in fueling the muscles. Therefore, you need to have a bottle of water next to you before, during and after working out. It will boost your energy level and energize you to work out again.

Be careful

Though it is important not to be dehydrated, you must also drink enough water not going beyond what your body can hold. Otherwise, you will suffer from hyponatraemia. This is when you drink more water than what your body can take. This leads to confusion, dizziness, vomiting and feeling sick. You can tell when your body needs water or it has already taken enough. To make it safe, you must take note the amount of water you can drink on a normal day when you are not working out and when you are in the gym to work out.

Final note

To keep your body hydrated, you need to stay hydrated. A bottle of water would already suffice. Don’t be tempted to drink alcohol or carbonated drinks. In fact, you have to take them out of your system. You have to get used to the idea of not drinking them. Otherwise, your efforts of losing weight and staying in shape will simply go to waste.

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Are Water Features for the Garden Still Cool?

are-water-features-for-the-garden-still-coolWater has a calming effect. A beautiful garden does that too. Now think of how pretty and peaceful a garden with water features will be! Since the glorious days of the past, expansive gardens have been part of the landscaping features in the homes and palaces of the nobility, some of them with specially-commissioned sculpture and water features. Today, tourists from around the world visit these wonderful gardens and gape in awe at their magnificent fountains and meticulously-planned garden scenes.

Even today, water features, maybe not as grandiose as the ones used centuries back, are still very much a wanted feature, in fact, always a focal point, a statement, that ties a garden plan together. Water features play a major part in sprucing up a garden with its movement, texture and sound making the environment natural and distinct.

Benefits of a water feature in a garden

1. It calms the surroundings.

Life today is very hectic and more and more people are getting stressed by the frantic pace. A garden, with a beautiful water feature, provides a calming effect. The beautiful sound of running water is particularly soothing. It erases away all the stresses from a very hectic work day.

2. It attracts birds.

If you have enough space, a water feature can include a small pond you can fill with small and colorful fish, like Koi. However, even a small water feature is enough to attract many birds to bathe and drink. It’ll a wonderful day to wake up to the lively chirping of birds. You might also be treated to beautiful bird songs in the morning or just before you go to bed.

3. It provides a focal point in the garden.

Whether you have a large or small garden, a water feature makes your garden look cohesive. You’ll find that a water feature, when strategically placed, will most likely become the principal gathering spot for your family and friends.

4. It is low maintenance.

A water feature is not difficult to maintain. Water is recirculated generally so that there is no chance for algae and bacteria to grow. You only need to remove fallen leaves or pull out some weeds that may have grown around it.

5. It does not require too much space.

You do not need a large garden to install a water feature. You can find a variety of styles designed for smaller spaces. Even a pocket garden can have a water feature that will maximize its look.

Did you know that aside from aesthetic benefits, a water feature in your garden can provide benefits for your well-being? Scientifically speaking, water refreshes and falling water from a shower, waterfall or fountain releases negative ions into the atmosphere. A great concentration of negative ions increases oxygen and blood flow to your cells, effectively stabilizing your respiration and lowers your blood pressure. A calming effect is created, helping you to de-stress and relax.

These are just some of the reasons why landscape architects and even healing experts always include the presence of a water feature in their garden and landscape designs then and now. Of course, your feature won’t be noticed if the grass in your yard is unkempt. If you don’t own a lawnmower, read some riding lawn mower reviews. These can really help you in making a buying decision and can also tell where to get the best deals.

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