Waste Water And Sewage Treatment

wastewater2 (1)It is possible to recycle and reuse the wastes that are discarded, given that the recycled product is a valuable one. Water discarded from sinks, washing machine, showers baths and dishwashers is referred as Grey Water while the toilet waste is Black Water. 1/3rd of domestic water is spent on flushing. Grey water could be collected and reused for water closet flushing. Grey Water must be treated with disinfectant, or the nutrient rich water could become a perfect environment for bacteria to multiply.

This problem is addressed by treatment and filtration of Grey Water. It is possible to use it as such for gardening without any treatment. Soil can filter out any harmful contaminant but water containing detergent or soap is not ideal for gardening as they make soil lose its structure. Grey water must never be used to water food crops. Rainwater can also be collected and used for gardening. This is actually more beneficial to plants than softened water, for drinking then you do need to which water softener is best.

The composting toilet may be useful to houses that do not have a connection to main sewage pipes. Houses in remote places, RV, narrow boat or house boat, can benefit through compost toilets. These toilets decompose the wastes into a safer form which can be used for gardening. The size varies from tanks holding two years’ worth of compost to smaller composting tanks that speed up composting by tumbling or raking mechanism. Better forms of these tanks are odorless.

Reed Bed Sewage Treatment
Reed beds need very less maintenance and are eco-friendly. There are three stages in sewage treatments- primary secondary and tertiary. Reed beds belong in the secondary treatment stage. The septic tank effluent is passed through layers of soil and gravel. Reeds are planted in this soil. Reeds help in the breakdown of pollutants by helping the bacteria in the process. These beds are also attractive to wildlife. Vertical reed beds belong in secondary treatment while horizontal reed beds are tertiary.

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