Water Processing And Recycling

water_process_management_filtration_systemsLancy technologies provide combined systems to decrease the effluent streams. Their experience in the field rages from providing domestic recycling techniques to metal recovery methods that can be used for mining operations. They have developed numerous waste water technologies that can be integrated into different systems depending on the wastewater treatment.

Filtration of the waste water is done to separate solid particles and sometimes pathogens. Filtration is done using various membrane materials with differing pore size. The pore size and material of the filter is decided depending upon the nature of the effluent to be filtered. It’s a little different to the water filter and water softener brands for your home.

Metal Recovery
Copper and nickel are widely used metals in various industries for plating the plastics, circuit board printing and numerous other industries that use metal finishing in general. Lancy technology has developed unique technology for addressing the concern of decreased discharge limits. This technology also recovers nickel and copper with a high metal purity of 99.5% and 99.9% respectively.

Rinse water recovery
Rinse Water Recovery System (RWRS) by Lancy technology provides top quality of metal finishing waters that is capable of reducing o completely eliminating waste disposal. RWRS removes contaminants which make reuse of the recovered metals possible.

20160202105532_86103UV Disinfection
UV disinfection makes sure that all the microorganisms and contaminants are dead or removed. Lancy technology has a patented UV disinfection technology. They also have a UV sterilization technology that is much more effective and efficient than any other UltraViolet technology available.

Waste Water Treatment
Industrial waste waters are hard to treat. Wastewater Evaporator System is the best economical choice for processing industrial wastewaters. They are available on markets and are much more viable than other water processing methods. VACUDEST wastewater evaporator has the ability to separate industrial water and clean water. When clean water is separated, the amount of the wastewater reduces which is easy to treat or dispose. There is no liquid discharge in this production.

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